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Master Advanced ROI-Boosting FB Ad Strats Like 'Dynamic Socispot Ads'

Plus 30 New Facebook Campaigns Every Month In High-Converting Niches

The 5-Week Socispot FB Academy

Socispot - Academy


Hey there,

 We thought we’d brought you the best possible product i.e. SociSpot till we discovered something better…SociSpotPro.

 As I was watching SociSpot and SociSpotPro being sold like hot cakes, something occurred to me…

 So I thought that if you were smart enough to get started on an online venture by yourself, why should you take the trouble of spending another 2 years learning how to master it? I mean who in the world of Internet Marketing can spare that kind of time?

 And then it struck me! Why don’t I create an online prep school which trains you intensively in a short time in the tricks of the trade?

And SociSpot Academy was born! Avail this monthly subscription and NOTHING can stop you from being on top of your game!

Catch Live Training Modules On Socispot Academy with EXCLUSIVE focus on:

Cut Short The Learning Curve By At Least 2 Years And Go From Being A Newbie To Pro Internet Marketer Through Personal Training With The SociSpot Academy!!

The 3 step ladder to trail blazing marketing:

1. Acquire       2. Apply       3. Develop

Step #1 - Acquire

The skill set and knowledge to crack the codes of complex internet marketing structures. Learn the best modules and methods for your business and how to exploit it best.

Step #2 - Apply

The acquired philosophies to your business and play around with systems to see what suits you the most. After all no one knows your business’ needs better than you!

Step #3 - Develop

your own modules and systems to best market your venture and watch the stunning results of what you just picked up!

Go On...Take A Look At What You’re Going To Arm Yourself With…

Module # 1: Socispot Facebook Pages

With Facebook being what it is today…there’s no question of not having it as an integral part of your online marketing strategy. At the same time…it is also true that not using Facebook in the right way…can be counter-productive to your business. Learn from the expert…the RIGHT way to use Facebook pages for making your business an astounding success!

Module # 2: Socispot Facebook Ads

With Facebook Adverts, you can create targeted adverts to reach different audiences and meet your business goals. And now with the SociSpot Academy, you can learn the intricacies of advertising on Facebook, which will take you at least a few months to understand (and by that time the Zuckerberg led ever evolving Facebook would have changed the rules of the game anyway).

Module # 3: Advanced Socispot Ad Strategies

The SociSpot Academy’s training session will focus on teaching you stellar advertising strategies to leverage on social media targeting options for different niches. Stop firing blanks and learn how to zero in on the targeted customer group to drive unmatched profits. A misguided ad is worthless. We show you how to boost in brand recall, greater engagement and higher conversions.

Module # 4: SociSpot Client Enrollment

Old Is Gold!! Yes indeed! We reacquaint you with customers from previous ads on Facebook. If you’re into internet marketing, I don’t need to tell you what a diamond mine this is…Get set to lead the web!

Module # 5: Socispot Webinar Training

Today with a webinar you can sell informational courses, software products, memberships or other people's products and still get 50%! We’ll teach you to apply the exact same principles if you're interested in live events and even high ticket one on one sales meetings.

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Socispot - Academy